Your Storage

The storage on the cluster is split into two types:

  • Home filestore
  • Lustre Parallel filestore

Home Filestore

The home filestore contains your home folder (the folder you are in when you log in). This is a relatively small disk that is intended to store your important files (e.g. source codeor other files that cannot be regenerated if lost).

We are investigating the possibility of providing a backup facility for this filestore.

The default quota on this disk is 10Gb.

Lustre Parallel FIlestore

The Lustre filestore is a high-performance parallel filesystem with a much larger capacity. This filestore is designed to store the larger data files used in parallel computations. This filestore can be accessed via a link called ‘lustre’ in your home folder.

This filestore is not backed up.

The default quota on this disk is 100Gb.